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Biathlon Target Analyzer™ is revolutionizing the sport of Biathlon

BTA App is by far the best and most advanced tool for coaches, athletes and anyone interested in this great sport. The BTA App facilitates plotting of shots, wind direction, autosaves heart rate, includes specific comments, also giving you the opportunity to compare series on any chosen shooting session. Record, save, share and learn! 


Current version of the BTA App allows you to record and track shots, hits & misses, wind direction, shooting time, heart rate while shooting, pron or standing shooting, compare series, making notes to all shooting series. Can it get any better than this?

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With the BTA PRO version you can put together and organize teams for any given event, training session or competition. Together with team members you are able to analyze and compare results, easy sharing of shooting results from range to track. The BTA PRO version will be released soon. BTA just got better! 



A small chip will make a big change. Introducing BTA Gyro will redefine the way athletes and coaches perform and analyze training sessions. It will add a new dimension to the way media and spectators enjoy the sport. R&D of Biathlon is taken to a whole new level. Stay tuned to follow the process. 

Description of all functions, here

Biathlon Target Analyzer is the most exciting tool that we could ever had asked for. Can’t wait to follow the progress!

Joar Himle, NORWEGIAN National team BIATHLON COACH

The Biathlon Target Analyzer APP has been an great analytical tool in our run up to the season. We are very excited about all the new features that are coming.

Jekabs Nakums, LATVIAN National team BIATHLON COACH
Biathlon Target Analyzer is a product of Holmenkollen Sport. With inspiration from the world famous Holmenkollen arena, we have developed this game changing tool. Made by biathlon enthusiast and friends, for the use of the whole biathlon world. Enjoy it! 

Do you have suggestions to new features, or other feedback? We would love to hear from you! 

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