Description of current functions available

Register account

 It will only take you a few seconds to register as a user. When that is done you can start to explore all the possibility of BTA. If in the future you want to change some information you simply access it in settings. 

Register athletes

 You can register as many athletes you like.  Do remember to adjust the HR-belt settings to allow to connect to other devices. At the moment this function works with Polar H7 HR belt. Please note that you on any given athlete can swipe left to edit or delete. 

Make event/session


 Here you enter the name of the race or the training session. You also enter the date of the event. It is smart to plan ahead so that you have entered the even/session before you are at the shoothing range. All the athletes you have register will be available for all of you events. Please note that you on any given event can swipe left to edit or delete. 

Prone vs. Standing

Select prone or standing shooting. Light blue marks the one you selected. Default is sett to prone.



Slide det bar to mark the correct wind direction on any given shooting series.



Heart rate is recorded via bluetooth if you have entered the HR belt number in the athletes info settings. Do remember to adjust the HR-belt settings to allow visibility of belt to other devices (enable broadcast mode). At the moment this function works with Polar H7 HR belt.

Shooting time

Press button to start timing as athlete enters the matt. Press button to end timing as athlete steps off the matt.

Voice recording

Press button to start recording a voice message particularly for that shooting series. Press button again to end recording.


Simply press the button to write a comment for that given shooting series. Also voice recordings will be saved here. The number indicates the numbers of comments connected to that shooting series.




Up. Down. Left. Right. Simply press the arrows to indicate the adjustments you want to give the athlete based on that given shooting series.

Hold to save

Press button for 3 seconds to save/lock all your settings/recordings for that given shooting. If you need to adjust your work after saving/locking simply press button for 3 seconds to unlock.

Compare shootings

Tap the shooting series you want to compare. They will be marked light blue. You will learn a lot by comparing last practice series with first competition series.


Do you have suggestions to new functions or features? We would love to hear from you!

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